Qt OpenCV Colorimetric Application

You will find here a simple application using Qt and OpenCV to create and modify the color of uniform source texture.

Some screeshots illustrate the options :

Source image of a concrete slab.


OpenCV wrapPerspective transformation from the selected ROI.


Shading correction.


Lab modification within the ROI.

Download the zip file, unzip all in a folder and run GdColor.exe
Here is the source code

The toolbar gives the following options :
  • new : create a new image
  • open : open an image
  • save : save the current diplayed image
  • warp : modify the image in order to transform the purple ROI into the green ROI
  • shading correction : correct the non uniformity of the lighting within the selected ROI
The Colorimeter Box allow tho fix a Lab value within the ROI
  • « Set Mean Lab Value » button sets the mean Lab value within the ROI.
  • « Create dE of 2 around this value » takes the La*b* values set by the user and save a set of images located in the root directory (C:\ ) with (L+i, a*+j, b*+k) and i, j, k = -16, 14, -12…, 14, 16.
  • « Create Lab images with dE set » takes the La*b* values set by the user as sampling step to create images in the La*b* complete space : 0<L<100, -128<a*<128, -128<b*<128.

Typical use of this tool is the automatic generation of reference images with the same texture such :
a\b -80 -60 -40 -20 0 20 40 60 80


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